CoinDesk Deal Finalized: $125M to Change Crypto Landscape

• A couple accused of laundering stolen funds from a 2016 Bitfinex hack have reached a plea deal.
• The couple, Heather Morgan and Ilya Lichtenstein, are reportedly required to file the plea deal by July 27th and will appear in a Washington court on August 3rd.
• The two are accused of laundering approximately 100,000 BTC from the hack.

$125M CoinDesk Deal

A potential $125 million acquisition of CoinDesk is reportedly in its final stages according to recent reports. The news outlet would be acquired by an international media group who has yet to be named.

Alameda & FTX Collapse

Caroline Ellison’s private writings from the months leading up to Alameda and FTX collapse have been uncovered during legal discovery process. This evidence could prove to be important as investigations continue into the industry collapses that caused major financial losses for many investors.

Apple AI Chatbot

Apple is developing its own AI chatbot as an internal tool which could potentially be used for customer service inquiries or other internal operations purposes. It is not yet known when or if this technology will become available publicly or how it might differentiate itself from existing chatbot services already on the market.

Societe Generale Crypto License

The Societe Generale subsidiary has received France’s first crypto services license which allows them to offer custody services, trading, and transfer of digital assets including cryptocurrencies. This move shows that France is becoming more open towards cryptocurrency use and regulation within its borders.

Terraform Labs Appoints CEO

Terraform Labs announced Chris Amani as their new CEO this week, replacing Do Kwon who had previously held the position since 2019. Amani brings a wealth of experience in blockchain technology with him and may help Terraform Labs reach their goals faster than before with his leadership skillset at the helm of the company.

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