Earn Crypto While You Move: Unlock the Benefits of Move-to-Earn Projects

• Move-to-Earn (M2E) is a protocol that rewards users for physical activity.
• STEPN and Walken are the two most popular M2E titles on Solana.
• Timing, features, and trust play important roles in the success of M2E projects.

Move-to-Earn Protocols

Move-to-Earn (M2E) is a protocol that tracks user movement via geo-tracking and rewards them for physical activity with blockchain tokens. The genre is currently represented by two widely recognized M2E titles on Solana: Walken and STEPN. These two games have similar premises but differ in tokenomics, gameplay, and design.

Timing Matters

STEPN launched before the bull market’s peak and quickly gained popularity when ETH made its April bounce. However, as altcoins collapsed in the spring of 2022, so did STEPN’s market cap as well as its token prices and activity levels. Therefore, timing plays an important role in the success of M2E projects; if trust is lost it can be difficult to regain momentum after a death spiral.

Walken’s Success

Walken launched seven months after STEPN with different design elements and gameplay options than it predecessor. As the crypto market began to recover from its slump, Walken saw its own surge in activity levels across all metrics including market cap growth and token prices appreciation because of its innovative approach to blockchain technology applications.

Lessons for 2023

By investigating on-chain activities within both Walken and STEPN we can learn what features make these games successful such as originality, timing, features offered by developers, trustworthiness of developers etc.. These lessons will help investors understand which projects have potential to succeed or fade away like many other crypto projects during bear markets before investing their hard earned money into them this year 2023 or beyond.


The success of Move-to-Earn projects depends on various factors such as timing, originality of design & concept; quality & quantity of features offered by developers; trustworthiness etc.. By learning from past successes & failures investors can better decide which project has potential to succeed in 2023 & beyond when investing their funds into them .

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