New feature: Bitso Transfer service launched in Argentina

In Argentina, Bitso Financial Services Director Miguel Kudry presented the Bitso Transfer service. This is a new feature of his app to send and receive payments in cryptomonies. The presentation took place last Friday as part of EFI Week.

With Bitso Transfer, the exchange that arrived in Argentina in February 2020 aims to develop the crypto market in Latin America. In addition, the firm warned that it aims to anticipate digital payments and transactions with crypto currencies in the world.

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On the other hand, through a press release, they detailed that, with this new functionality, Bitso users will be able to use the platform from the web or from the mobile application and access ten different cryptom currencies. „One of the features that makes Bitso Transfer stand out in the crypto industry is that operations will be carried out without commission and instantly, so they will have immediate liquidity in local currency within the country,“ they said.

„In addition, the platform allows the sending of crypto-currencies to people who are not Bitso users. When a payment is sent in crypto, the person who receives the value will only have to download the application and, once his account is enabled, his cryptomonies will be credited to be used within the crypto ecosystem or to be converted and extracted in local currency. Transfers can be made to anyone wherever they are at any time,“ they added later.

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How to operate with Bitso Transfer?
This functionality can be used from the web or from the mobile application. In the press release they specified: „It is possible to operate with ten different cryptom currencies, which can be accessed through Argentinean pesos only. You can send crypto-currencies with Bitso Transfer through your cell phone. Once you download the app, press the SEND button at the bottom of your mobile screen. Select the amount you want to send and then choose Ethereum Code Transfer as the sending method. Enter the cell phone number or email address from your phone’s contact list. Finally, you confirm all the details of your Bitso Transfer before you send it.

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